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What We've Done for Acquirers

Our team has created more than $100,000,000 in equity value in the past 24 months.

Buy-Side Engagements

Building Platforms

  • Our industry network is unmatched and at your disposal.  Interested in accumulating smaller companies (at lower multiples) and creating a platform out of a series of concurrent acquisitions?  We know dozens of smaller (<$5 million EBITDA) businesses that in any number of combinations could create a high growth platform in aerospace, medical device, packaging, food, and industrial automation, to name a few.  Tell us what sort of company you’re trying to build targeting which end markets, and we’ll bring together a family of companies that together will be greater than the sum of their individual parts.
  • Interested in unique businesses or disruptive technologies in attractive end markets capable of significant growth with investment?  We know where they are and we know their owners.
  • Want to find the missing piece that will drive growth in your existing industrial platform, as well as which customers to pursue and how to pursue them?
  • Most importantly, do you want to find attractive investment opportunities before those companies are marketed for sale?

Target Company Assessments & Synergy Plans

  • Setting aside sales, revenue and the age of its equipment, are you able to identify “special” companies that can outcompete others with the capital, marketing and management you’ll provide?  Are you able to determine whether the particular technology and processes of the industrial firm you’re evaluating will withstand competitive pressure?  And can you reliably identify (and execute on) synergy opportunities in operations, sales and marketing, supply chain, commercial contracting and elsewhere?
  • Our team is uniquely qualified to make sure that your next industrial acquisition is a company that will thrive during your ownership, and we’re happy to prepare detailed synergy plans to reduce cost, increase throughput, improve inventory positions and drive sales growth.  And, if you need a hand in the execution, we’re capable of being onsite and managing these initiatives.

In the past 24 months, our team has turned around 3 cash burning manufacturing companies and created over $100 million in equity value in the process. Turning around a struggling business requires more than a business plan – it requires consultants who will walk the floor to improve processes, reset sales strategies to put the company in front of the right customers, negotiate with suppliers to drive inventory turns and lower costs, and review commercial contracts to ensure that your business is paid for all of the value it delivers to its customers. We relish the opportunity to get our hands dirty, save your investment, and save the jobs of your employees in the process.

Our Case Studies

Our notable accomplishments in the past 24 months.

Our Insights

Our Value Proposition

There are thousands of family-owned and owner-operated industrial businesses in the U.S. that are the lifeblood of the families that own them.  AIS wants to help these companies succeed and transition to new ownership at the highest possible value.