Creating a Platform At Lower Purchase Multiples

October 23, 2021

We’ve consulted with hundreds of financial sponsors and very few are interested in buying businesses on a standalone basis that have less than $5 million in EBITDA to start a platform.  And we have personal relationships with hundreds of lower middle market manufacturing companies that fall below that earnings threshold.  The solution?

If you have a sector, end-market or competency focus, please contact us.  We have sufficient relationships in several industrial sectors including (i) medical device and diagnostics, (ii) aerospace, (iii) food and beverage, (iv) industrial automation, (v) contract packaging, (vi) contract filling, (vii) plastic injection molding, and (viii) moldmaking that we may be able to help you line up several smaller acquisitions – at lower multiples – and get to scale with multiple simultaneous transactions.  We know that most boutique investment banks avoid these sort of buy-side engagements because they are often unsuccessful, but our mission is to help lower middle market companies find a permanent home as their owners transition into retirement.  So we’ll consider these engagements opportunities to network and help businesses that might otherwise never find themselves part of a greater whole.