How An External Sales Force Can Help

October 23, 2021

Many – if not most – smaller manufacturing companies have a small or nonexistent sales force.  Some hire manufacturers representatives on a commission basis – our experience is that these relationships are spotty at best.  Representatives chase work from OEMs – and

We’re manufacturer’s reps, too, but we take a different approach.  We focus on what you do well and where you have capacity and sell that capability into the markets that need it.  By way of example:

  • Healthcare OEMs need short lead times (14 weeks or less from design lock). If you can build P101 molds in that timeframe we are certain that we can grow your business.
  • Packaging companies need low cavitation molds built quickly and inexpensively to service the exploding number of start-up personal care brands every year. Can you build low cavity tools in short lead times?  If so, we know where to find you work.
  • Do you have heat-treating ovens that are underutilized? Nearly every manufacturing industry we represent needs the service.
  • Are you an aerospace manufacturer with CNC capacity and willing to machine metal components of medical devices? If so, we can find you work.
  • Aerospace engine OEMs (GE, Rolls Royce & Pratt) and their Tier 1 suppliers need CNC machining. Do you have machining capacity and are willing to work in a new industry?
  • Light industrial and automotive OEMs need large tonnage molding machines – do you have high tonnage presses that are sitting idle?
  • Few mold-makers have lathes that can produce “rounds” – ejector pins, valve pins, hot-runner nozzles, and so on. Do you have capacity you can spare?
  • Many – if not most – manufacturers haven’t invested in a gun drill. Do you have capacity and would take on work for others?
  • Do you have EDM capacity that you might make available to other moldmakers?
  • Do you have large area surface grinders that would enable you to create mold-bases or hotrunner manifolds?

These are just a few examples.  Let’s talk about what you do well and where you have capacity and see if we can help you get better utilization out of your equipment.