Repurposing a Large-Scale Packaging Facility

October 26, 2021

We repurposed a high volume, fully automated 210,000 sq/ft molding facility that had historically serviced a declining end-market. This was our turnaround plan:

  • Completed a sale-leaseback at closing to reduce the net purchase price to $4M
  • Negotiated higher pricing with largest customer
  • Reduced overhead
  • Moved from 5 shifts to 4, reducing indirect and direct labor
  • Won new high-volume production at higher margins

Which led to:

  • $5M EBITDA Improvement
  • $2.5M Projections for incremental increase in EBITDA with programs that have already been run.

Facilitating Sustainable Packaging Relationships

Packaging facilities can become a bottleneck for any plastics value chain. Once addressed, it becomes an area that we’ve seen create immediate returns for our partners. We have unique experience understanding the packaging and supply chain needs upstream and downstream, and being able to find customized, affordable and most importantly, dependable solutions to keep your business running smoothing and profitably.